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"Xeriscape" What The Heck Is That?

Summer is arriving, there is no stopping it.  As the cool breezes of spring give way to higher temps we all take great care to water the new flowers, shrubs and gardens planted several weeks ago.  Anxious to keep things green and growing we water and water some more.  Temps continue to rise and we continue to water.  Then, IT happens. The dreaded Stages of Drought Contingency Plans begin to emerge from a long winter's sleep.  "My yard is dying!" "My poor flowers!" "I've invested too much money to let it all die!!!" 

Sound familiar?  Take a deep breath and say one word.  "Xeriscape"  What the heck is that?  It's the solution and the answer to not only saving water on watering your lawns and gardens-its a guaranteed savings on your water bill....

Xeriscaping is the process of choosing plants that are compatible 
with the water conditions of a given area. Applying xeriscape 
principles to the landscape not only cuts down on water usage, but 
allows you to still enjoy a beautiful, low-maintenance yard and 
garden. Xeriscaping is not difficult or expensive. In fact, a properly 
designed xeriscape requires less maintenance than the average 
landscape and uses up to 40-50 percent less water. Although 
xeriscape designs may vary depending on where you are located, 
all of them still implement the same basic principles.

Take a look at what Matt Corrion of the Outdoor Design Group shows us below.  Matt knows what he is talking about and he has laid out the information in such a way that it's almost impossible to ignore his common sense approach.  It's time for us all to take baby steps towards that big word...XERISCAPE!

Infographic - Water Efficient Landscaping Renovation - Outdoor Design Group